Our Story

…as told by the bride. 


Hi, friends and family!  If you’re reading this, you’re one of the most important people in Josh’s life and mine. That makes you pretty freaking spectacular, in our eyes.  Thank you for being you!


I find it really hard to write about myself from a third party perspective – it reads as though some mystical ghost writer appeared out of the blue, from the magical wedding land, to interview myself and Josh and write a flowery piece about our love. 


So, I’m going to use my own voice here.


I also had grand ideas about having Josh write up a little piece about himself for you to enjoy, but the reality is, weddings have timelines, and I’m choosing to go ahead and just get this done.  I’ll make sure he approves of what I write before I publish it! 


Josh and I were introduced by my hair stylist, Alisa.  (Fun fact, my mom, Kay, is a hair stylist, too.  I’ve always admired her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity!  Naturally, I’m fiercely loyal to my hairdresser.  I’ve been with Alisa for 13 years.) 


If you’re a salon type of person, you already know that hair professionals sort of double as mental health professionals – they spend a lot of time listening to people’s woes, looking at pictures of their families, and entertaining their wildest daydreams. 


On a particularly fateful appointment in August of 2015, I was sitting in Alisa’s chair, telling her how I was ready to start singing more again (I had taken a hiatus from full time musicianship to be a cook), but that I wanted to try out a new sound that I hadn’t experimented with before. 


I described it as happy sounding, bluegrass-y, roots music, with really sad lyrics.  I think we were both trying to think of the genre that’s called “southern gothic,” when she exclaimed – “oh, like murder country?!  I know someone who does that kind of music, I’ll have to introduce you.”


Or something like that. 


Fast forward to this morning. Josh sent me a screenshot of our first conversation on Facebook messenger (he sent it because I was asking him if he remembered the date of when we first met). It made me so, so happy!  (He’s probably not going to be so, so happy about me sharing this word-for-word with you; so, maybe I won’t get his approval before publishing?)


It reads:


“Hi there! So Alisa tells me you are possibly interested in making some music.  I play a lot of country/bluegrass/blues/Americana kind of stuff, sometimes a little dark. I write sing and play guitar.  I have been wanting to start a new project lately so if you are interested in getting together to see what happens just let me know.  I saw on your page you are a fellow Missourian! Bonus!”


So, I’m not sure if this was the “new project” that Josh had in mind, it certainly wasn’t what I had expected when I agreed to “getting together to see what happens.” (Insert “wow” emoji here.)


But this, dear friends of ours, was one of those mundane moments in our lives.  It seemed so utterly insignificant at the time.  We couldn’t have possibly known how dramatically, and wonderfully, and indefinitely, it would change the course of our lives.


The rest in between would take a long time to tell y’all, so it will have to suffice to say:

Josh and I have both grown by leaps and bounds since forming our partnership. We inspire each other, take care of each other, and love the ever-loving crap out of each other.  Our experience of being musical together will always serve as a reset button for us.  We will always be able to reconnect to the source energy of our love, through the gift of music. 


We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Love, Carissa


P.S. I would be neglecting to properly represent the groom here if I didn’t tell you that when Josh and I did meet up to start writing “murder country” songs, I cited the Dixie Chicks as an influence.  I even suggested we learn a couple of their tunes to fill out our set.  Josh will never let me live this down. 

P.P.S. Josh and I eloped during the COVID-19 pandemic to a strip mall wedding chapel in Palm Springs, CA.  I got my flowers from Trader Joe's, we had touristy Mexican food for dinner, and it really was the perfect day.  It was no fuss, all fun, and slightly ridiculous -- just like us.  But, we are so looking forward to a proper celebration with you! See you soon.